We are Proud to be NFMGMA

The mission of the Northeast Florida Medical Group Management Association (NFMGMA) is to improve the effectiveness and skills of those individuals who lead Medical Group Practices in the Northeast Florida area. NFMGMA will accomplish this by providing leadership, quality speakers, improved communication, networking opportunities and continued education for its membership.

NFMGMA will strive to facilitate the continued professionalism in the medical field, which will translate into quality care for patients and the efficient operation of the members’ medical practices. We will offer a variety of ways to accomplish these goals and will organize regular meetings and special events to reach our membership.

To provide maximum value for our members in the form of education and networking opportunities on a continuous basis.


  • Excellence: We provide quality speakers, respectable companies to render services in the form of affiliate members, a professional environment for monthly meetings, and a dedicated board of directors as well as committee members to give our members the best possible experience.
  • Communication: We communicate frequently with our board members, active members, guest speakers and gracious sponsors to ensure the chapter is on the same page and this way we are able to move forward together and implement new ideas.
  • Camaraderie: We are respectful and welcome every member, we learn from each other and our unique strengths, we provide support when members are in need of advice and we are a team that strives to make our chapter stronger in numbers.
  • Innovation: We think of ways to always keep improving the organization and to always think of ways to add more value to our members.
  • Ethics: We respect the integrity of our members, we resolve member problems and we create an environment of trust with our decisions.