January 2021 Member Meeting

Date: January 21, 2021

Topic: Dealing with Legal Threats and Lawsuits in the Business of Healthcare

Hope for Peace; Prepare for War

Speaker: Eric C. Boughman, Esq.

Description: In healthcare, legal action is sometimes unavoidable, but proper planning and due diligence early can often reduce big headaches later. In this seminar, attorney Eric C. Boughman discusses key action steps healthcare providers can take to reduce exposure to legal risk – from proper corporate structuring, documentation, and risk management, to responding to threats and dealing with lawsuits. Attendees will learn how to proactively increase legal leverage to be able to effectively focus on healthcare business and avoid legal troubles. Topics include: avoiding legal action; if unavoidable, assessing exposure and strategizing appropriately; fight or flight; and when forced to fight, how to define and achieve a winning result.

Sponsor: Walter G. Bianchi, Bright Vision Mortgage

Sponsor Website: https://waltbianchi.com/

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